d-town harvest fest

saturday as i rolled home from work, i took the usually route heading toward mt. elliott to go though eastern market and i was faced with thousands of bikes.  seems the tour detroit event was headed in the same direction as i.   i’ve been wanting to ride in this event for years, but it never seemed like i could take the time off work, or if that was the reason i wanted to take the time off work.  so i figured i might as well ride with them, as who knows when i will get another chance.

tour detroit

amazingly enough out of over 3000 riders i bumped into at least 4 folks i knew.

making my way home, i headed out to the d-town harvest festival.

d-town farms

last year i had a great time at harvest fest, getting to see a bunch of my favorite people.  this years fest was a little more subdued, as i think that the weather kept people from coming out.

d-town is the two, soon to be five acre model farm run by the detroit black community food security network.  it’s located in rouge park, and a wonderful spot to feel like you are out in the country.

d-town farms

it’s an all volunteer run operation, which makes it all the more impressive.

in addition to the vegetable crops they also have bee hives


and one of the only operations in the  city doing mushrooms, specifically in shopping carts.

shopping cart

oyster mushrooms

they also have reshi and i think shitake mushrooms


and a greenhouse – which they built a couple of months ago, and thankfully for this chilly day, they had not yet planted, so we were able to hang out and get a cooking demo, and watched a presentation by andrea king collier on black mens health, and the importance local food movements.  while i think she is funny and a good presenter, i still am concerned about the attitude that black women need to be responsible for black men’s health.  it just seems a little enabling.

i stayed for the closing – left feeling closer to others, contemplative and introspective.  the air was chilly, and the signs of fall were going strong, but i felt warm inside, feeling a deeper sense of community, connection and hope.


One response to “d-town harvest fest

  1. thanks for this and all of your posts, patrick. good to read (and see- YES for photos!) what you are up to and all that is going on. i always enjoy receiving these gems. vicki (i too can skip the capitalization!)

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