new camera

ma got a very nice camera – the kind professionals would have.  and seeing as she is a professional and needs to take photos of her work this make sense, and she is kind enough to let me use her camera as well.  the problem with really high quality cameras is that anyone who has their hands on them thinks that they are suddenly a gifted photographer.  which means now you are going to have to endure me pretending to be a gifted photographer in addition to the usual pretending to be a gifted writer.  below a series of photos taken yesterday at works – consider it a visual update.


assuming the squirrels don’t get these pears, it will be the first fruit i harvest off of a pear tree i helped plant.

onion sprouts

onions that we planted a couple of weeks ago just poking out of the surface.  these will not be harvested until next year.  you can learn more about over wintering onions here.

oats and vetch cover crop

oats and hairy vetch, planted a couple of weeks ago sprouting up.  planted for cover crop in a lot which has very low fertility.

box elder beetles

box elder beetles sunning themselves in the autumn light.


lettuce plants – seeded very close – rather than harvest as baby salad greens and cutting their tops, we are thinning it and have harvested baby romaine heads and will continue to do so over the next couple of weeks, leaving some to mature as full size heads.

asian greens

is it politically correct to call these asian greens?  i had a group of japanese students by the other day and  i was joking with them about the way seed catalogs advertise varieties as being japanese – when i’m guessing the japanese don’t even eat them.  they just market them that way.  this is a combo of muzuna, tat soi, purple mustard, arugula, and red russian kale.  great for stir frying, or in kimchi.


the sunchokes aka jerusalem artichokes are fully in bloom.  most of mine got weedwhacked this year but a few of them managed to survive and i get to enjoy these few blooms

garlic sprouts

garlic sprouts continue to come up – more this week than last, we might actually have something when we go to plant garlic in a few more weeks.

the almost empty greenhouse

the green house sits mostly empty – free of any action aside from the garlic sprouts.  it’s a little hard for me to say goodbye to the greenhouse for the next few months, but i’m glad to be free of watering soon.

a rose

i leave you with this fall rose.


2 responses to “new camera

  1. great pictures! so lovely!

  2. love the intro. well done.

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