garlic sprout

i forgot to mention that some of the garlic bulbils have actually started to sprout.  I think it’s taken 3 weeks, and a few have sprouted.

bubils sprouting in bulb trays

i’ve been thinking that they might need a cold treatment – so i’ve thrown some in the fridge for a couple of weeks, and am gonna plant them and see if they sprout any better, but i still have three weeks before i plan to plant any garlic, so maybe a bunch with sprout up.  the other option is to wait until next spring to plant them, but this won’t really help my efforts to grow green garlic for next spring.


3 responses to “garlic sprout

  1. I’m a little confused about the “sprouting” of the bulbs…I planted some garlic buds (four days ago) and assumed that I wouldn’t see anything until Spring!
    Did I misunderstand something? Thanks, Ginny

  2. not the bulbs the little bubils that form on the top of the scape.

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