fall harvest and preparation for winter

the spring greens were truly amazing, but the fall greens are off the chain.  i still can’t get over how good they look and we are not even into the prime green growing season.


while i love all greens and especially kale – of all the brassicas if i only had to pick one, and it would be hard choice, it would be broccoli.  our spring broccoli was pretty much a bust, but the fall broccoli, might be the best we’ve grown.


we harvested the first of the heads this last week – a couple of them are in the fridge right now waiting for me to add them to a tasty omelet or a stir-fry.  with the main head removed the side shoots are already starting to form so we can keep cutting for weeks.

one of the main problems with having such tasty looking greens is that in addition to us picking them for the kitchen we have to deal with some pretty serious theft.

kale with its tops ripped off

while i don’t really care that much if folks take some kale and eat it, i’m extremely frustrated when the tops get ripped off like those seen in this picture.  it kills the plant making it so no one can harvest them, including the very same person who stole them in the first place.  i’m thinking of purchasing a motion controlled sprinkler to soak the culprit.  but that might just piss them off more and cause them to destroy the greens patch in rage.

this past week we also direct seeded 1000 row feet of scallions and storage onions each.  we also transplanted about 300 row feet of leeks.  all of this will be covered with row cover pretty soon, and eventually covered with plastic for the winter, to be harvested in the spring.


the parsley we planted a few weeks ago, despite some hot dry weather has managed to come back from the brink.


this too will be under cover pretty soon.  i’m looking forward to a very nicely early crop next year – and maybe even some winter harvests of parsley on warm sunny days.


2 responses to “fall harvest and preparation for winter

  1. The greens look terrific, I’d have a field day putting them into a pot :o)…
    I’m sorry someone distroyed part of them , maybe they just didn’t know any better. I planted some Garlic, but I think I might plant more this weekend < we use a lot of it…but don't have much land. I'm enjoying your blog. Ginny

  2. glad you are enjoying the blog!

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