radio interview

at this point i’ve been interviewed by a huge number of media outlets – which would make you think that i’d be very comfortable with doing live radio interviews.   but the fact is for whatever reason i get extremely nervous, i think because it can’t be edited, so anything stupid i say can’t be edited out.  it also requires that you think pretty quick so that you don’t leave lot of dead air.  but as i was leaving to go to the interview some one pointed out that they also can’t really edit out anything they don’t like that i say.  and this inspired me to see the live situation as a tool.   so should you care – here is the mp3 of myself and my friend nefer ra on wdet yesterday, we are on a little before the halfway point, if you want to speed ahead.  i think it actually went pretty well other than nefer ra not having enough time to talk.


One response to “radio interview

  1. Thanks again for coming on, we thought you both sounded great- thoughtful & articulate. Sorry we ran short on time.


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