more urban farming media about detroit

yes you can’t write enough stories about urban farming in detroit.  if i was getting paid for these interview i keep giving i might be able to quit my job, but then again no one would want to interview me if i quit my job, so i’d be out of luck.  i think the most positive thing is that writers feel the need to go more in-depth to create a better story and so we are getting some reporting that finally talks about racial and class issues and specifically points out the importance of the book “the origin of the urban crisis”.  if anyone want to understand detroit, it’s a must read.  i tell almost ever reporter that they need to read it, and then when i read the article they write it’s obvious that they didn’t listen to me.  which is why i’m so happy to see this article by tom philpott.  it doesn’t hurt that i think he is an excellent writer.

also in the last couple day a few articles from crain’s – this one giving a rundown of the latest urban ag. project developments including shar recovery park, replanting roots, and hantz – plus some developments that have been happening at work.

and then a second one detailing some of the struggles that hantz is having with zoning and taxes.

and finally model d – a publication that gets some flack from time to time for promoting  new projects that never develop – but i enjoy for their undying cheerleading of the city – had this article  in which i appear to once again to criticize hantz farms, when i’m really just trying to bring the debate up over large-scale vs. small-scale.  single owner over multiple owners.  all your eggs in one basket vs. lots of baskets.  sorry folks at the end of the day i just love e.f. schumacher a little too much.  oh and the model d article has some great photos too.


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