johnny’s selected seeds

johnny's selected seeds

i do on most days wear a hat from johnny’s selected seeds.  if you order thousands of dollars worth of seed a year they often throw in a “free” johnny’s hat, and you have to cover your head with something, and my farmer mentor jay used to always wear a johnny’s hat – call it a tribute.   i try to make it clear that i am not endorsing johnny’s, but the fact is that they offer among the finest quality tools and seeds in the business for small-scale farmers and market gardeners as well as amazing customer service.  if this is seen as an endorsement, well so be it.

i once even tried to capitalize on my johnny’s hat by letting them know that i had it on in the photo of me that was featured in o magazine.  i was hoping that i would get some free seed or at least a better discount, but alas no.

seeing as johnny’s is located in maine, it only seemed natural that we visit.  we could have gone to the farm and take a tour of all the gardens, but i knew i would want to spend a good amount of time, and we only had about an extra hour before our flight, so we went to the retail store.

the retail store featured most of all the things you might expect, racks of seed, displays of most of their products, and some books.  you can pick up most everything that they offer.   while the store was ok, the area in front of the store caught my attention for a longer time.

the area outside of johnny's front yard

they had demos of most of the products they carry, quick hoops, trellis, garden carts, row cover, and then a big tools shed full of tools.


and next to the shed was an empty raised bed where you could try all those tools out.  you could try the broadforks in various sizes, the different hoes, seeders, and cultivators.  very nice for those that have a hard time making decisions.  if we had been driving i think we might have left with a ton of tools, i could see a glimmer in ma’s eye over a couple of items.  next time we leave plenty of time for a visit to the johnny’s farm, i’m sure it’s a magical place.


2 responses to “johnny’s selected seeds

  1. oh, again, i am super jealous! how perfectly appropriate for you and ma to make a stop there!

  2. Johnny’s is a great seed and garden supplier here in Maine! So glad you were able to visit. And yes, they do have amazing customer support!

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