5 star orchard

our last full day in maine we decided to go for a drive with no real destination, but my aunt had told us the drive toward brooklin was especially nice, so we headed in that direction.  driving along the road and seeing a sign that says organic peaches is enough to make me halt my car, and so we popped down the road leading to 5 star orchard.

they had a little stand in front of the house and we purchased a quart of peaches for a pretty pricey seven dollars.  quite a bit more than i think you could get in michigan, but who else is selling organic peaches in maine.  plus i know my mother would love the peaches, and i like supporting the local farmers.  we asked if we could see the orchards, and were instructed on how to get down to the trees.

i’m glad we did.  once we got down to the orchard we met one of the farmer tim. he was nice and friendly, but didn’t have time to sit and chat, but made it clear that he was open for any questions, but that he needed to pick peaches.

the standard trees were loaded with fruit, so heavy that sticks were used to prop up the branches and keep them from breaking.

peach tree

and they were surprisingly bug free


i consulted with tim about his pest control measures as well as his pruning methods.  while talking it became apparent that in all likelihood he was the one that supplied many of the trees for our orchard at work as he grows lots of the stock for fedco trees.  it was exciting to see where all the trees were from.  and i took a picture of some of his nursery stock, thinking how much fun it would be to come back and do some grafting and pruning with him and his parter.


i’m so glad that a random sign for organic peaches would lead me to the path of the origin of the trees in the community orchard.  in addition to the peaches, they have a variety of other fruits and a community cider house where they press their own apples as well as those of others in the community.


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