urban ecology bounty of the vacant lot part 2

i feel like i should get postings about classes i facilitate up faster, but it just doesn’t seem to take priority, especially when you have exciting stuff like visiting eliot coleman etc.

i’m part of this group called urban ecology which seeks to expose folks to the ecology all around them in the urban setting.  with that i mind we are hosting the second workshops i call “the bounty of the vacant lot”.  we look for edibles and medicinals as well as those plants that are especially popular with bees and other insects, but we also take some time to think about why the plants we see are what’s growing in the city.

come and join us as we explore the vacant lots, gardens and alleys around earthworks urban farm.  thursday august 12th 6pm to 8pm, we meet at 1264 meldrum, in detroit.  more info can be found here.


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