first tomatoes, leeks, and onions

it’s a year of firsts, i should switch things up more often to make it more fun for myself.  first time i’ve grown potatoes in any quantity, first bulbing onions, first leeks, much greater variety of greens.

charlie and friends cleaning onions

we started pulling the onions this week – and i have to say they are real beauties about the size of a baseball, as bright white as a pearl – and about as luminous, with lovely greens.  I kind of marveled at them – i knew they were nice, but it’s hard to tell until you dig them and clean them up.  The delicata shrieked uncontrollably in delight, while not the hardest thing to elicit, it’s still a great reaction.  after so many seasons of growing it’s still pretty exciting to grow something that is as nice or nicer than you find in the store.  the leeks look pretty good too, though they kind of lack some of the aesthetics of the onions, that and the could use to have longer white stalks.  the second planting of leeks we planted deeper, and hopefully will be better blanched.

on top of harvesting the first of the onions and leeks, we also plucked enough cherry tomatoes to fill one pint.

toe mate o's

don’t they look especially good with my planner as a backdrop?  it’s not so filled up this time of year – as i don’t really schedule anything until after 3pm.  so it’s just one pint – but it’s such a lovely pint.  i told folks that i was gonna try to sell it for 5 bucks and i had two folks tell me they would pay that much right then.  we shale see at market.  i would certainly be surprised if i am able to buy them at the end.


6 responses to “first tomatoes, leeks, and onions

  1. wow!! your onions look so good. i need some tips. i am looking forward to my first dinner back in detroit!!

  2. THE ONIONS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. I was actually the lucky “purchaser” of this very first pint of tomatoes and I have to say they were as delicious as they were beautiful! I have seen mention of this prized first pint in several earthworks related locations on the web and every time I do I am bursting with pride that I was the one lucky enough to take them home! It was my first visit to the fresh market and I’ve been back every week since… I have to admit that your gorgeous vegetables actually make me a bit teary-eyed! (yeah, ok, I’m a big sap!) I so appreciate all that everyone does over there and hope to get more involved as my youngest gets a little older. Thanks for letting me share!

  5. glad you enjoyed the tomatoes – we have them in such large supply that first pint seems like a distant memory. and i’m glad you have been enjoying the market as well. let your friends know!

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