detroit media round up

i think the social forum helped to spur a number of post on blogs as well as some articles coming out

a brief selection of some blogs and news articles is below –

first this one that focuses mostly on my friend malik who works with the detroit black community food security network

and this one on the grist website – that has some videos from catherine ferguson academy as well as an awesome photo of my friend and co-worker nefer ra

and then an amazing video also about the detroit black community food security network check out both parts some of my favorite folks get a chance to speak their mind – and they have a lot of important things to say.

and then finally this dispatch from across the ocean – video and article.


3 responses to “detroit media round up

  1. and then there are these screeds:

    though i’m sure you have better ways to spend your time…

  2. i guess i don’t have a better way to spend my time cause i followed these links. kind of a bummer that you can only comment if you have a livejournal account. the author makes good points – but also misses a few that i wouldn’t mind commenting on. i’m frankly glad to see folks questioning publicly the value of urban ag. we need more critical thinking around this issue and wondering if it is the most effective method for reaching goals for a food secure detroit.

  3. oh, and i just saw this article that address some of the issues – though quite a bit better well researched me thinks

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