garden update

with the social forum and a quick trip to maryland over, it’s time to get back to what i write most about – the garden.  the bounty is really starting to come in and i took a few quick shots of what is going to start picking soon.


onions are starting to bulb up nicely some are just about the size of a baseball, we should start harvesting some this week.  the leeks that are beside them are also doing well.


eggplant fruits are starting to form, they are still a week or two away from being ready to pick.


some of the hot peppers are sized up and ready to pick – this is the yellow wax pepper.  the bell peppers are starting to size up, but are still several weeks away from harvest.


the first of the cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen – at this point the numbers are only enough for a snack.  the bigger tomatoes are starting to have good size but no signs of ripening.  it’s looking like a good year for tomatoes – tons of fruit on the vine.

we have been digging garlic and potatoes – expect posts on that soon.


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