is there anything more symbolic of summer on the chesapeake than crabs?  i certainly can’t think of anything, and considering how much i have been eating this trip i can feel my mercury level or what ever other toxin that crab accumulate rising in my body.  it is surly worth it, if only for my attachment to tradition than to the actual flavor.  but oh what a flavor.

a crab

picking crabs

my family met up with ma’s family and we all had a good time sitting around the table eating crabs.  for those not familiar with the tradition big piles of crabs are dumped on the middle of a table covered in craft paper.  then using mallets and knives the crabs are disemboweled and the meat removed and eaten.  one crab is hardly enough to fill a person up – and i think i at 3 or 4, which would hardly have impressed my teen self as i’m pretty certain i could eat at least a dozen.  but it’s quality not quality that counts, and these were by far some of the best crabs i have consumed (all thanks to ma’s brother david), and i had other things to eat beside crabs, namely corn.  we had acquired corn from greenbranch farm and it was great.  crabs, corn and beer the great maryland tradition.


4 responses to “crabs

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  2. You could for sure eat a dozen. Am waaayy jealous.

    • you should be – they were some of the biggest crabs i’ve ever seen, and tastiest too! did i mention the grilled soft crab? or the crab cake i ate the day before?

  3. braggart, although they were divine. especially that grilled soft crab, it was even better than the fried one i ate the night before!

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