dispatch from the ussf part 4

really i tried to go to the ussf friday – but it was a bust.  the delicata and i had a great workshop lined up – we hustled across town to reach it in time, but alas, no one was there.  we dashed to our next selection, but this was an ill described workshop that turned out about how to make an anarchist book store.  not something i’m against, just not something i’m looking to do.  with 2 workshops a bust we decided to go for a sure deal: a beer.  since the workshop was at the uber fancy westin book cadillac – that meant that it had an uber fancy restaurant – roast.   the delicata was super dirty – and i was at least slightly dirty and so we took great joy in getting beers in such a fancy joint.  in spite of it all botched workshops i think we both enjoyed catching up – even if we do work together it is very rare that we have the chance to just talk.

after word i ventured into cobo hall – ground zero for the ussf.  tons of folks are tabling inside and you can buy all kinds of stuff, as one friend  pointed out – it’s the perfect location for an activist makeover. i was intrigued of course by how much was being sold in a decidedly anti-capitalist enviroment.  turns out you can fund the revolution though capitalism.  earlier in the week i had bought some books from ak and a poster from the beehive collective.

commerce = revolution!

our friend bec has been staying with us during the forum and is part of an art collective called just seeds.  as part of their tabling they were pulling silk screens of some of their images – one of which was bec’s.  so i brought a couple of shirts one of mine and one of ma’s and pulled silk screens on them.

this is how we roll

we finished off the day with a trip to ma’s opening at the work: detroit gallery where ma’s monster drawing was in the show, and then a book release party at spirt of hope church for a just seeds book called firebrands that bec has artwork in and also edited.

book release party at spirit of hope

afterwords we rode bikes to hart plaza – saw tons of friends, hung out, ate spinach pies, and went out for drinks.  even though we didn’t make it to the leftist lounge in eastern market – which i hear was banging – it was a great day and night.


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