dispatch from ussf part 3

i meant to get this guy up earlier – but with so much going on…  i was thinking i was gonna get something posted for each of the days of the ussf but that didn’t happen.

i’m having trouble even remembering what happened on what days.  folks keep asking me if i had a good day, and i keep saying – someone had a good day – it felt more like i was watching a movie.  i’m looking forward to a much more relaxed week next week – but considering i’m going out-of-town at the end of the week to visit maryland – i think it too will be hectic.  i’ll end up crashing when i get to my folks house – but i’m only there for a couple of days, so no time for that.

on thursday i didn’t participate in anything directly related to the social forum – but we had plenty of tours stop by work and ended up talking with plenty of great folks.  ma, the delicata, and i decided to go to a cherry pie social for young farmers hosted by the green horns – which proved a bit a fiasco – as the name tags were too complex for me to fill out, the keg had not arrived, we managed to appear as jerks to the host, and didn’t really even meet anyone i had not already met.  we had another appointment to keep so we didn’t stay long.  just imagine the trouble i could have caused if we had.

the real high point for the day was getting a chance to see karen washington speak again.  ms. washington is the president of the new york community garden coalition, serves on the board of just food, and is leading the organizing for the black farmers and urban gardeners conference that takes place in november.  i’d seen her speak last fall and thought she was awesome.  the main idea behind karen’s presentation is that we need to organize and take control over our land before developers do.

karen washington rocking the mic

i was feeling pretty overwhelmed by this thought especially because i feel it relates to a much larger issue – of this entire right sizing the city.  the sense of urgency is feeling much more intense, especially after learning the next day that the mayor was going to close 77 city parks.  this seems like a odvious first step to sell off the parks.  first fail to maintain them allow them to become an eyesore and gathering spot for crime and then offer to sell them off as a solution.  i don’t think i can really get into working to organize folks just right now – i need to take a few deep breaths after the ussf, but i have to keep that flame going too.


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