dispatch from ussf part 2

i had to work all morning, but as soon as i had the chance i snuck out and went to the people’s movement assembly for food justice.  just what is this peoples movement assembly?  i’m not really certain, i came in late and perhaps they explained just what it was, but here is what i’m thinking.  it is a group of people who come together and discuss various issues and then make recommendation that be formally accepted as portion of the ussf.  no matter what i met a lot of really great people – learned about amazing work going on throughout the country – and learned about a lot of resources i need to look into.

the food justice group broke into smaller groups for different topics – i sat in on the undoing racism in the food system one. and then came back together and shared what ideas they had.  it was amazing to be in a place with so many people from so many walks of life working on so many aspects of the food system.  native folks from the southwest and midwest, haitians protesting monsanto, those working for farm workers rights, those working with rural farmers, and those working on urban food systems work just to name a few. coming back together i was surprised how much of the common threads i saw being woven though all of these issues.  i have great hope for a wonderful position not just for the ussf but also for those working for food justice everywhere.

plum with heart-shaped scar

as i sat listening i picked up a plum out of a bowl that someone had brought as an offering.  and as i turned it over in my hand, i knew i was in the right place at the right time – cause a scar in the shape of a heart was on my plum. yum.


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