dispatch from the ussf

the united state social forum is happening in detroit this week.  this big mishmash of those calling for social change, it’s a giant gathering of people from all walks of life.  i had a presentation yesterday and do to some minor problems ended up combining it with friends from the detroit black community food security network.  the presentation went really well, and we were able to have some really good dialog.

in addition to the presentations  there was a big march.  what for?  i’m not really sure – i think it was mostly just a take to the streets and let them know we are here sort of a thing.  i love a good parade or march or what ever you want to call it.

east michigan environmental council's sunflower brigade

the crowd in front of fox theater

giant puppets ella baker on the left, mother jones in the middle and i'm not sure who is looming in the back

i have no idea

the crowd taken from in front of cobo hall looking up washington blvd.

it was a fun enough march, if it’s your sort of thing.  i stuck around for part of the opening – but i was tired and the sound was awful.  i’m back the rest of the week as i find time – but work is still going strong out in the fields.


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