currants coming on in full force.

not the first fruit of the summer – strawberries and juneberries have been going strong few a couple of weeks now – but the first really significant fruit we get at work is the currant.  specifically the red currant. a lot of folks are unfamiliar with the currant and i have to say i didn’t really know what they were only being familiar with the dried currants found in the store (which for the record are not even really currants – but small dried grapes).  but the gentleman who started the farm felt pretty strongly about currants and planted at least 25 bushes of them – which makes a lot of fruit. currants have a lot benefits – they are pretty easy to grow, have few pest problems, and do well in our climate.  this last week they ripened up and are ready to start picking.

red currants

these are red currants – different from the black ones seen in this post.   they form on long chains called racemes, black currants don’t which gives red currants another advantage – you can pick them faster.  currants are amazingly productive, and easy to pick – and most important to young pickers – they don’t have thorns.

bag of currants

my group of pickers weren’t really feeling the berry picking, they ended up only picking about 20 pounds of fruit, but i would guess there is at least 200 pounds of fruit out there.  this week we will be picking on it pretty hard to get them harvested before they go bad.

since we don’t have a great market for these currants – though i am going to try to sell some fresh this year at the market, we put most of them in the freezer to make our jam.  the black raspberries and gooseberries are starting to come on too.  lots of berry picking to do.

on the topic of currants, the currants cuttings i took to start new currants plants from last fall seem to be flourishing.


six month old currant cutting

i’ll leave it to grow for the rest of the year, and then offer them for sale next spring.  strangely the gooseberry cuttings did not take as well, i’ll have to look into that.


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