fruit ripening at hope takes root

an evening stroll to check on the fruit in the hope takes root community orchard.  in addition to all the slow to mature crops such as chestnuts, i also made sure to put in plenty of fruit that would ripen in only the first couple of years.  since it was late in the day the only way to capture these fruit accurately is with a flash which make the fruit look like some shocked animal captured in a photo by trip wire.   but strangely i like the effect.

first up the bush cherries.

bush cherries

these are nanking cherries, only a few fruits this first year but they have a lovely sweet tart flavor and the flowers are absolutely gorgeous.

then the black currants

black currants

perhaps the fruit i am most excited about in the orchard. i’ve been growing red currants for the last few years and really come to love them, but black currants – they have really captured my heart.  they has such a strange flavor so sort of funky, that i find them just a delightful fruit.   ma made a wonderful black currant ice milk last year and thoughts of black currant mead and bread pudding have been dancing in my head.  i am also looking forward to taking cuttings from these and the jostaberries in the fall.

so on to the jostaberries


these guys are a cross between black currants and gooseberries.  right now they look a lot more like gooseberries, but as they ripen up and darken they end up looking more like currants.  they don’t quite taste as funky as currants – but they are bigger and have a bit different flavor.  do i like them better?   no just different.

i have plans to pick all the fruit i can and put it in the freezer and then make a batch of mead infused with all that fruit to be served at a coming out garden party for the polyculture plot next year.


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