year of the greens

every year is different, even in the garden.  it’s interesting to watch what ends up being the star for one year, and what doesn’t do well that was the star last year.  i guess that’s why it’s so important to diversify the garden. this year so far is turning out to be the year of greens – which works out well cause we planted a lot of them and people like them.


collards, red russian kale, lacinato kale, rainbow kale and curly kale.  right now the red russian and collards are way ahead of the rest but everything should be coming in well soon.  some are still small enough to be covered by row cover – but most are so big that the row cover won’t even fit over them. it’s just as well since it’s starting to get pretty warm and the bulk of the flea beetle problems are over with.

i’m especially pleased with the quality of the collards – as collards are something everyone in the neighborhood wants but we never seem to grow well.  but these last few weeks we have been able to fill the market table with greens and sell out the table.


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