panel discussion at mocad

should you care – i’m gonna be part of a panel discussion at mocad (museum of contemporary art detroit) along with some much more well respect folks from across the citie’s urban ag. community.  i feel humbled to be included, as well as at a loss of what i could have to say.  it’s thursday june 17th from 7p to 8:30pm.  for more info check out there website.


5 responses to “panel discussion at mocad

  1. I wish I was going to be in town, I would definitely attend this panel discussion. Is it going to be recorded in any way? Maybe a video?

  2. it’s being hosted by mocad and those contemporary art people seem pretty tech savvy, so i’m guessing yes, but can’t be certain.

  3. I always feel secure when I hear you are attending conferences or on panels with regard to Detroit’s urban agriculture; you bring with you a vast amount of knowledge, passion and heart! I am both proud and excited to be connected to these wonderful qualities when I’m at Earthworks!
    Take good care and the best to you on Thursday.
    Warmly, Shawn

  4. shawn, thanks so much for the kind words – and i’m so glad you have become apart of earthworks!

  5. You are most welcome and thank you for your kind words as well;).
    Take good care.

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