potatoes in bloom

certainly potatoes are not know for their flowers, they are known for their tubers.  which makes sense as they are a staple food for many people.  i have written of my love of the potato before – but i just can’t get over how much i am enjoying growing these potatoes this year, i just stand in the field and marvel at their beauty.


they have grown a lot in the last month or so, we have been hilling them up, but i think i was a little late in getting them hilled, so i don’t know how much it will help in their production, but it does keep the potatoes and the paths pretty clean.   which was part of my reason for wanting to grow potatoes anyway.  it felt like my weed problems in the garden had really started to get out of hand and growing something like potatoes that could be hilled and cultivated a lot and kept very clean would be a good call.

potato flower

so back to that flower.  here is the potato flower – again not really know for its beauty, but she is significant.  for one it means that some tubers are starting to be produced and soon we will have something to eat.  and two it means the possibility of collecting seeds.  when folks talk about seeds with potatoes most of the time they are talking about potatoes that they cut up and grow potatoes from.  but potatoes do set seed occasionally, and you can grow brand new potato varieties from the seeds.  you never know what you are gonna get – it’s a total surprise.   i’ve been wanting to plant and grow seeds from the fruits of the potatoes for a long time.  last year i even went as far as saving seed – only to lose it over the winter.  and so i am bound and determined that this will be the year i save seeds and grow potatoes from those seeds.


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