feed the beast

for what ever reason the artists love us at work.  i’d like to think it’s cause i’m an artist too, and they can see the artist’s hand at work in everything we do.  but i lost my cred long ago when i started doing community based work.  still i’m thankful for the energy they have brought and share.  charlie a student of nick tobier,  who you may remember from the production of this film, came last year to ” intern”.  i use the term intern in quotes cause most folks who intern are there to learn from you.  he just came and hung out and did what he felt like and painted a bunch of signs and brought positive energy to the space.  he is super busy now with grad school but i managed to entice him to work on a little project.

we have very serious problems getting folks to dump compost right where we want it.  it’s  a blessing that people bring us their kitchen scraps, but it’s really frustrating when they dump right on a section of the pile that is finished compost that we were about to use in the field.  in order to solve this problem, i wanted a big sign stating where new compost goes, something they could not miss.  something like a giant compost beast or dragon.  and while we are at it, why not make it something fun, something that the kids will beg their parents to visit, so they can “feed the beast” their kitchen scrapes.

with charlie on the project and an open time line – the beast finally arrived now that he has a summer break.  seen from afar.

the compost beast lurking in the pile

this is take from the top of the berm close to the street.  seen closer up.

compost beast

he/she has a banana peel on it’s nose and some carrots hanging out of it’s mouth.  the delicata, charlie and i just stood around and laughed in amusement for about fifteen minutes.  i was super thankful, and look forward to throwing all kinds of rotten food though it’s mouth.

later that night one of the youth programs was assigned the task of naming the beast.  a couple of ideas were thrown out, bob, charlie, apple core, shooter, and compostsaurus.  compostsaurus seemed a little too obvious but was quickly getting a lot support.  though deceit and deception i was able to sway support toward apple core, but then the supporters for compostsaurus were so adamant about the name i thought they were gonna have  a meltdown.  i’m not sure it was ever decided.  maybe next week we can poll them again and they will have long since forgotten about compostsaurus.  i do like the idea of naming it charlie too.


One response to “feed the beast

  1. Patrick – glad you like it so much!
    I feel you on the name. Compostsaurus may be the species of beast, but he/she will still need a name.
    my vote’s on apple core as well. apple core the compostsaurus.
    its been a bit since this post though, did the kids make any official decisions?
    by the way, you’ve still got plenty of cred.

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