asparagus beetle

the asparagus keeps on growing and leafing out,  it’s now over head high, but you can still walk though it relatively easily.

leafing out

in addition to getting so big, the asparagus has been joined by a pest.

spotted asparagus beetle

this little guy is the spotted asparagus beetle, not to be mistaken for the somewhat more desirable lady bug.  they seem to be in massive amounts, more so than other years.  a couple of years i kind freaked out when they first arrived because i had dealt with the stripped asparagus beetle, which turns out to be a much bigger pest.  the stripped asparagus beetle larva can pretty quickly decimate a crop.  the larva of the spotted asparagus on the other hand really only damage the fruit and seeds of the plant, and therefore of little concern.  The adult do feed a little on the fronds, but not much.  though when they are in the large numbers i am seeing, you can’t help but wonder if they might soon cause problems.


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