fava’s in bloom

an update on the favas.  you may or may not remember this most recent experiment in quick hoop research.  We planted them around the first week in march when we still had snow on the ground under the quick hoops, they started to come up pretty strong within about 20 days.

So now about 2 mouths later they are in bloom and setting fruit.

the favas are huge and it's so early

the favas have a really unusual looking flower – you can certainly tell it’s in the same family as peas, but it’s a bit more dramatic.

a closer view of the favas

should be another month before i have any favas to eat, but that’s still weeks earlier than i am usually able to harvest any favas, and with any luck i’ll be able to beat the aphids that always seem to spoil the quality of the crop.


2 responses to “fava’s in bloom

  1. Just a few seconds ago I read a post about eating the fava leaves. It sounded really good – she did fresh bread with olive oil, wilted leaves under the broiler, and fresh hard boiled eggs.

  2. well i have plenty of leaves, i guess i can give it a try, but i’ll pass on the hard boiled eggs, i’ve managed to learn to enjoy eggs, but still not hard boiled.

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