can the groundnuts be saved?

i cleaned the house on monday, cause ma had been away all weekend and i know how nice it is to come home to a clean house.  i found this bag full of dirt in the corner of the hall way.  i’m not sure what i thought it was, but when i looked at it closer i realized that something had sprouted and was growing.  and then i remembered those groundnuts i had delivered in the fall that i was supposed to plant.  i had ordered them from the truly amazing plant company okios, who i am very proud to call a michigan based company.  they shipped in fall and somehow i managed to forget them.  but they had sprouted in the bag any way.

groundnuts sprouting in a bag

so it only seemed right to carry out the original plan to plant the groundnuts in the community polyculture plot.  outside of the bag they looked in pretty good shape, with plenty of good roots.

a groundnut in hand

i popped the three in the ground and gave them a good watering in, to join the others currently in the perennial vegetable garden bed and to soon have more company with sea kale, milk vetch, and lovage.   only time will tell if they will make it.  think good thoughts for them.


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