we used to have two tractors; a massey ferguson 365 and a 6n ford.  i spent more time fixing them than i did using them.  while i was actually pretty fascinated to learn more about tractor maintenance and mechanics, the reality was i just didn’t have the time to be tooling on them, and i’d failed to find anyone that felt like being the farm’s official tractor mechanic.

so when someone approached me about donating the tractors to a farm museum i was a little intrigued, and the deal seemed pretty good.  i donate the tractors to the farm museum where folks can check them out every weekend who care about such things, and then they would keep them maintained and fixed and would bring them down for me to use when i needed.  it was a win win.

this past week some of the guys from the farm museum brought the 365 back down along with another tractor to do some tilling, not only at work but also at the georgia street garden, and my friend will’s place.  did i really need them to till the 4 lots i had them till?  no i could have done it with a rototiller, but it was quick, took one less thing off the list, and they did a great job.  and you should see the glee on their faces, big kids on big toys.

the ferguson on the right


the area closet to the greenhouse was nothing but stones – either from a driveway or parking lot.  we tried to pick up the biggest ones, but it was obvious that below the stones – were more stones.  they had asked the apprentices to pick up all the stones so they could run the tiller though it again, and you can see us all picking them up half heartedly in the photo, but i just couldn’t ask folks to pick up all those stones, just too much work, and when would it end?

i’m thinking sheet composting on that area is the way to go, and it can be planted next year.  folks from the field of our dreams mobile market are  planning to use one section to grow produce for their market, the rest will be for more community garden plots.


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