end of asparagus

this last week was the last of the asparagus, a harvest of a bit over a 3 wks – with a pretty decent yield harvesting well over 200 pounds and selling the bulk of that either to friends over at detroit evolution, at the earthday celebration at work, or  sold at the grown in detroit table at eastern market.  and certainly i find the need for cash all the more important these days, as i’m trying to figure out as many ways to support programing financially as possible.  it was a good little first run for the year, but it’s gonna be awhile before any other major crops start coming on.  i took a few photos.

daily harvest in the patch

bunched up and ready for market

after harvesting for a few weeks we let the rest of the season’s growth come up and recharge the roots for next year.

growing up

we get it cultivated a couple of times before the fronds start to leaf out too much to easily walk though.  in a couple of weeks it will be head high and you will not be able to even walk though it easily, it’s like an asparagus forest.

for more info on growing asparagus i wrote a asparagus guide last year which you can check out here.


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