i don’t know if it’s that ma has quit her job and drastically reduced our income, or if i felt like our carbon foot print was just too small, but for whatever reason we purchased a truck.  what better way to increase your carbon foot print than to add a v8 to your life.  meet monday, and no she is not a diesel running on veggie grease.

monday - the truck

no farmer urban or otherwise should be without a truck right?  well, i’d managed to resist temptation for a long time, but our friends david and eve were moving and getting rid of it, and ma said she thought it was the right thing to do.  ma didn’t waiver a bit on this subject and since she usually takes a long time to decide something and doesn’t sound too firm about it, i went along with it.  we named the truck monday in case we decided to get 6 more trucks and drive a different one each day of the week.

so far i’d have to say it seems like a pretty sound move, i’ve already hauled a bunch of stuff around to and from work, and am certainly looking forward to going trash picking.  do i feel bad about being a two car family when i think one is excess?  yes.  but you have not seen the delight in ma’s eyes and the smile on her face when she talks about the truck, how could i deny her?



5 responses to “monday

  1. Even Helen and Scott Nearing had a truck at Forest Farm to help with the heavy loads.
    Unfortunately, we are in the transition period of Peak Oil too, so I suppose we’ll we resorting to a rick shaw attachment to our moped to do the same.
    Enjoy “Monday” for now!

  2. Don’t worry, Patrick. I will personally pour 12 fewer tons of industrial sludge onto local wildlife this year, which should more than offset any environmental impact your truck may cause.

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