bounty of the vacant lot – the workshop

a few other folks and myself have started this new skill share group – urban ecology detroit – a space for folks to share info on ecology in the most broad meaning of the word.  we have a facebook page which you can join here. or you can get on the email list if you are that sort – urbanecologydetroit (dot) gmail (dot) com

what is technically the third urban ecology workshop – but only the second as a collective of folks is coming up.  it’s an exploration of the bounty of the vacant lot, working to identify edible and medical plants as well as those that are forage sources for bees, beneficial insects , and other critters.

it takes place may 2nd, at 1pm to 3pm – we meet at hope takes root garden which is located on wabash, between temple and perry, in north corktown detroit.  the fee for this is 5 dollars plus to support the ongoing efforts of urban ecology detroit – but we are not gonna turn you away if you don’t have the cash.

look forward to seeing you all.


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