community bike shop movie

i don’t really understand my friend nick, and that’s the way i prefer it.  he is an artist in the broadest sense of the word.  he does the kind of art work i like.  he does things he enjoys and them calls them art so others that don’t enjoy it will value it, cause they value art.

how the fact that we have a community bike shop at work has never come up in any of these posts is beyond me.  i’ve often thought about writing about it, but it just never seemed right.

nick got some sort of grant for 100 dollars to make a film to send to the folks in europe, with the possibility of getting another grant to do another film with more money.  i know nick isn’t being strategic cause as i said before i think he really only does stuff that he likes, but it just so happens that he likes things that the folks in europe are crazy about – detroit and bikes.  i think he might have hit on a gold mine.

so we have a community bike shop at work, where folks can come and work on their bikes.  and this is a short film that nick made.  it’s rough, and he knows it, but features some awesome folks.   click here to check it out.


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