overwintered kale

of the hardest of all the vegetables in the garden i would wager to guess is the kale plant.   3 years out of 5 it makes it over the winter and survives into spring in our garden.  it’s no accident that the kale overwinter well, as it is a biennial, and completes it’s life cycle in 2 years.   some would argue that the reason that i don’t pull out kale plants in the fall is cause i’m lazy, and they would be right, but it’s also for the very good chance that i will end up with this in the spring.

overwintered kale

most of what you see is new growth – but not for long, very soon it will start to put on it’s flower and turn bitter.  this is one of the only times i allow myself the joy of eating the center top growth – the youngest, most tender of the kale.  by removing this i delay the bolting action for a few weeks, and can harvest the side leaves for a few weeks latter. this is yet another simple method for extending your harvest and increasing what is available to eat early in the spring gardens when so little else is available.

what could be better with sweet tender kale than some fresh made paneer?  i couldn’t think of anything so that’s just what i did, making a soft paneer and kale curry.  yum!


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