fayetteville farmer’s market

a good portion of my family is from northwest arkansas, which causes yearly visits my dear 98-year-old grandma, and the rest of my family.  this weekend was just one of those events.  i had a wonderful time mostly just hanging out listening to stories, eating and having drinks.  grandma for 98 years old seems to be doing very well, sure she is in a wheelchair and forgets things from time to time, but she is also 98 and in pretty good spirits.

among the traditions for getting out of the house, seeing a little more of the area, and getting provisions for the weekend is a pilgrimage to fayetteville farmers market.  the market is a strange beast – full of very small producers and extremely quant.  most of these producers are too small to be able to provide for my beloved eastern market, and i don’t think their prices would compete with the wholesalers.  but it is a lovely, if dog and hippie infested enviroment.  seems that northwest arkansas was a hotbed for those that were part of the back to the land movement, and the ripples can still be felt to this day.  fayetteville is also a college town, which means it’s teaming with the more current incarnation of hippies

i present exhibit a

the entertainment

they are not alone though, on every corner lurks some crusty punk/hippie kid playing acoustic old-time music.  this isn’t a bad thing, it just is what it is.  would have been nice to have a little variety.

the thing ma and i  were most excited about was the tulips which one vendor had in mass amounts


and more


of all the tulips ma and i fell quickly in love with the parrot tulips, rather strange ruffled and puckered tulips.  we debate on the price but decide they would bring additional warmth and joy to my aunt’s house.  and i think we made the right decision, cause everyone one in the house kept going on about how gorgeous the tulips were.

we had a lovely time – spending time with my family, enjoying the spring, and being off work for a couple of days.  my parents, sister, and aunt all flew into town, and it was like a mini family reunion.


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