the greenhouse

the greenhouse has been going full steam for the last couple of weeks, and it’s starting to get packed to the gills, and still plenty of stuff left to prick out.  i’ve been getting to spend at least 8 hours a day in the greenhouse, and a few 12 hours days, and i couldn’t be happier.  after a long cold winter, spending all day in a warm sunny greenhouse is a huge dose of therapy.  the greenhouse is one of my favorite places to work, i love the smell, the quiet hum of the fans and of course the temperature controled enviroment on a cold day.  the thing i love most though is the rhythms of the greenhouse, the greenhouse is the first thing i check on in the morning and the last thing i do when i leave for the day.  it’s almost like a meditation, as i am usually alone at that time, and it’s a quite time for reflection, trying to focus on nothing but the task that needs to be done.  first thing in the morning everything needs to be watered, and the plants that are being hardened off need to go outside, the plants that have started to pop in the germination chamber need to be pulled out so they don’t get too leggy.  by mid morning it’s warm enough that i need to take the plastic cover off of the germination chamber and turn off the heat.  at noon every one gets a spot watering and it’s often warm enough that i need to open the doors to vent the place a little better.  around 2 pm i walk though one more time and check for spot watering.  then around 5:30 or 6 it’s time to close everything up, the doors if they are still open, pulling all the plants in that are hardening off, putting plants back in the germination chamber turning the heat on and closing it up.  pulling the door closed behind me, is like tucking everyone in for the night, knowing they will be there to greet me the next morning, an ocean of green and a burst of fresh oxygen for me to take into my lungs.

the greenhouse

most everything up on the benches is cole crops, or brassicas if you prefer, red and green cabbage, collards, brocoli, kale, and three types of lettuce.  we started them just a little over 2 weeks ago.

collard plants

these are some collard greens which are coming along nicely.  there are among the first things we pricked out.


and here some tomatoes that are just about ready to be pricked out.  where will we find room for them in the greenhouse i don’t know.  but we always do and we will this year as well.


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