another one bits the dust

it’s not as though the neighborhood around work really needs to lose another house, but that’s just what happened this past weekend.  i was pulling a rather long day on friday, working till well after 9:30, and ma was kind enough to rescue me by bringing me a sandwich and coming to help me finish out the seeding that was left to do.  she reported that a house was on fire on kercheval, and i worried that it might be one of the houses occupied by folks i know or even the sibley lumber building.  when we finally were able to leave i could see the flames from well over a block away and decided to check out what was going on.

fire on kercheval

the firefighters were not even trying to put this guy out, they were just letting it burn, and keeping it from spreading.  can i blame them?  this house had been abandoned for years, was very unsafe, and certainly went up fast.  i watched in amazement at how big the flames were.  i also took a couple of photos from the youth garden.

fire in the garden

i wanted to take a photo from another angle, but i also thought that the quick hoops in the youth garden would look especially dramatic with the flames illuminating them, though i felt rather guilty to be trying to take a photo of something so destructive for what i considered a beautiful photo. but certainly there is huge beauty in the destructive force of fire, something strange that makes it hard to take ones eyes off it, and i was certainly far from alone in taking photos of it.  i also thought the youth would think it cool to see a photo of their garden illuminated by fire.

the carnage

on monday i stopped by to take a shot of what was left.  not much, it’s pretty dramatic how little is left and how bad the damage is. i think one of the things i’m stuck by is how small a structure it is.  when engulfed in flames it looked so much bigger.  even though i would rather see houses remain in the neighborhood, this one had fallen into some pretty serious decline, and would have been too expensive for most folks to repair.  it had been being squatted and certainly some very questionable activities had been going on.  for better or worse, i guess that means another lot open to gardening in the neighborhood.


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