early spring spinach harvest

with warmer days and more sunshine the spinach under the quick hoops is looking really good.  after a winter vegetable diet of almost entirely potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, and celeric, it’s good to have some greens available right outside the door.

the spinach, and a dandelion

they have really put on some growth in the last couple of weeks, i’m worried that pretty soon they will go to seed, but in the meantime we should be able to get some good cuttings in the next couple of weeks.  that dandelion looks pretty happy as well, and while i’m not too excited about him going to seed in the garden, i don’t think ma or i could find it in our heart to pull him out.  just too much lovely golden color, and the knowledge that our friends the bees love dandelions.

with the weather so warm we are able to easily get under the plastic without worries of chilling the plants, and without discomfort to us out in the cold weather.

ma harvesting spinach

ma did some pretty aggressive harvesting on the most upright looking of the plants to try to keep the bolting at bay, but still left plenty to mature.

the bounty

and quickly harvested a great big bowl of spinach – enough for at least two salads each this week.  yum!


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