onion update

i showed off how the onions and leeks were doing under quick hoops in a post a couple of weeks ago, and today ma and i watered and thinned them.

thinning the onions

the onions did pretty well in the quick hoops quite a lot of the seeds ma planted germinated, so like it or not i had to thin them if i wanted mature onions.  i didn’t thin them that hard as i would like it if i could harvest some as scallions and leave the rest to form full size bulbs, but some were too close together to even form scallions.  after a quick thinning i was left with a nice handful of onion and leek plants.

a hand full of onions

the biggest onions i ended up making into a pesto type dip that was quite lovely, and the smaller onions i gave to our friends frank and jodi to transplant into their garden.  it did get the wheels turning on onion and leek plant production.  in the past i have always started onions in the greenhouse, the first thing we plant, but maybe it would be easier, make bigger plants, save greenhouse space and fuel by just starting transplants in the fall under quick hoops.  it could be a great source of additional income, or just a space saving method.  i’ll have to check with frank and jodi to see how well the onion plants transplant and form bulbs.

ma watering the onions and leeks

after thinning i gave a quick cultivation and then ma watered.  it’s impressive to look at where these leeks were only about 2 weeks ago in this photo and compare how much growth they have put on.


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