favas pop it like it’s hot

i’m not sure when i started using the term popping for sprouting, but it’s what i call it, and it’s stuck around the lil house.  ma calls it popping, and i’m sure others have picked up on it from my constant use of the phase in the greenhouse.  and since snoop had that song drop it like it’s hot, i tend to ask if things have popped it like it’s hot, when i want to know if they have germinated.

those favas we planted a couple of weeks ago are finally popping and they look great.  i’m really starting to come to love the quick hoops, just thinking of what the possibilities could be.

the favas sprouting under the quick hoops

close up

how about prepping all the beds in the fall and covering them in quick hoops and planting them as soon as we start getting some sun in february, or could you even plant them in the fall and seeds would just sit there until it was warm enough for them to sprout?  lots of questions, i look forward to experimenting and finding out.

one of the biggest problems i’ve had with favas is right about the time they are ready to harvest they seem to get attacked by aphids, and i’m hoping that i can beat the aphids by using the quick hoops.  we shall see.


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