march flowers

sure there are real march flowers, i’ve been enjoying the crocus and daffodils, but i was struck by these today on my ride down michigan ave to american indian health for an urban roots class i was teaching.  on the way back i grabbed a couple of shots.

spring flowers on a wall just off of michigan ave.

say what you want against graffiti, i’ve heard all the arguments, and i do have issues with low quality tags especially on buildings that are still occupied.  i am however a big fan of public art, and especially the stencil, and i’ve been enjoying these flowers that have been popping up around town.  during the winter in particular i like the way they brought color to the otherwise grey detroit winter, and the vitality that flowers bring to a space.

and i think they kind of call into question graffiti – which is seen as something that makes an area look worse, but these i think do just the opposite.


One response to “march flowers

  1. I just love what you are doing in the city. I have been dreaming of this kind of urban garden program since I left Georgia Street back in the 70’s. Only recently I heard of your program from my niece that spent part of her alternative spring break at your garden.
    Please let me know how I can get involved

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