bees on maples

spending the day feeding the compost pile with the all the disgusting leftovers from the fridge today, i got to enjoy several trips outside.  of the things that we are good at certainly keeping the fridge well-organized and free of rotting leftovers is not one of them.  on the other hand i do feel as though all those containers filled with mold and bacteria added to the compost pile makes for robust compost.  lets call it inoculating the compost pile with cultures.  always good to know i’m developing culture in my fridge.

while out putting slime in the compost i couldn’t help but notice the massive numbers of bees out and on those maples that were in bloom.  part of the reason that there were so many bees out is that we moved 3 hives over from work temporarily.  the location we had them at was deemed too shady, and so we moved them over to our house, and will move them back to work in  a few weeks.  the reason for this is that if you move bees anywhere within about 2 miles of their old location the foraging bees will just return to that spot.  if you move them far enough away they have to get used to the new location.

the bees were mostly collecting pollen as the maples are pretty low on nectar.

bee on maple

you can see the bees pulling in pollen, the pollen collected in their baskets like leg warmers.  so many were out and running in so many directions they kept buzzing into me as i tried to take these photos.

pollen being brought into the hive


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