bees at the belle isle conservatory

warm sunny days in late winter and a long work week, means you should cut out of work early and go for a bike ride when you can.  which is exactly what i did the other day, taking a lovely lap around belle isle, and stopping at the conservatory, to poke around.

the smell of the citrus is amazing as it hits your nose when you walk into the tropical room.  grapefruit, orange, and kumquat all in bloom at the same time it’s hard not to linger for a while.

but i also noticed a sound, a delightful buzzing i hadn’t really heard in sometime.  there were bees on the citrus flowers.  it’s been warm enough that the bees have been out foraging – mostly for water, and going to the bathroom, but these smart little bees had managed to find a nectar source a month before any of the major nectar sources have even thought of blooming. it has been months since i have been able to enjoy the sight of the ladies busy moving from flower to flower, and i must say it was a joyful sight.

bees foraging on orange blossoms

the only problem was they seem to have found their way in, but were having lots of problems finding their way back out.  many bees were repeatedly knocking into the glass trying to get out, not being able to find the vent lower down the greenhouse where they have entered.  i hope eventually they were able to, but i fear that this hive may have lost a good portion of its populace to the temptation of winter citrus blossoms.


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