leek harvest

it’s been such amazing weather it’s been hard not to spend as much time outside as possible, and it’s been staying light later, so that means you can work later.  and since i’m not feeling depressed, i actually want to do things.  everything under the quick hoops is pretty dry, the edges get some water creeping in from snow melt, but much of the middle could use a drink.  ma pulled off the cover exposing the leeks, scallions, and onions the she planted in august of last year.

ma watering

i’m still really amazed with how much they have grown since we put the cover on, it’s not much, but it’s significant.  now that it’s becoming spring they should start growing again and need more water.  in addition to the leeks planted late in the year, there were also some leeks that we planted about mid summer, and harvested most in the late fall.  but we had more than we could use and knew that they would go bad in the fridge before we ate them all, and we have not made that root cellar yet.  so we decided to leave them under the quick hoops for the winter and see how that went.  with fresh vegetables of any sort at a premium, it seems like the time for harvesting them is now.

harvesting the leeks

harvesting the leeks

as you can see the outside leaves are pretty beat up and yellow, if you wanted to be a cool kid you could call them desiccated, but then most people would know what you were talking about cool kid.  but the core seemed in pretty good condition.  they are not all that big, namely on account of the lack of fertility, we have been adding plenty of compost over the last couple of years, as well as some alfalfa meal.  about the time we get the fertility high enough to really grow thing we be getting ready to move i’m sure.

cleaned up leeks

cleaned up and trimmed up and they look as good or better than any leeks i’ve grown before.  i’m thinking an apple and caramelized leek torte would be lovely.  i have some nice russet apples that would work very well with them.

i admit that i wasn’t too certain about how well them quick hoops were gonna work, i was worried that they might fall down in the snow (which they did in an extremely heavy wet snow, but a little shoveling and they popped back up), or that the cover wouldn’t stay on, or they would dry out over the winter.  but everything seems to have worked out really well, and this was just sort of a dry run for ramping everything up at work.  this time next year i hope to be updating you on how things are going under a quarter of an acre of quick hoops at work.  i’m a believer.


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