planting favas

my fellow gardeners, don’t let this one pass you by another year, you have been talking about it for years, saying you would like to plant them, well this year is the year you plant the fava beans.  how i love favas, best known for the yummy breakfast dish of ful medames, but available in other middle eastern dishes such as some forms of falafel, and popular in south american and even on english tables.  i like them best fresh, which can be very hard to find.

i have no idea of why the lack of interest in favas, they are very tasty, easy to grow, and do great in cool weather.  in a few more weeks it would be prime time to plant favas outdoors, but we have an opening in the quick hoops and i a real desire to get dirty.

the cover pulled of the quick hoops

spinach is in the back bed, same spinach as a few weeks ago in undercover.  you can see crop residue left from chard that didn’t overwinter very well.

chard sprouting up from roots

despite the fact that all the leaves had died over the winter, the roots seem to have stayed alive, and new leaves were sprouting up.  i could have left it, but figured it would likely go to seed soon, and wanted to plant some favas in its place.  i ate what was good and ripped out the rest.

the prepped bed

prepped beds as usual, using fork, claw tool, and rake.  for more info on bed prep you can check out the bed we prepped a couple of weeks ago here.

fava beans

these are fava beans.  i think they look like little squirrel livers or some sort of squirrel innards.  it also looks like i need to use some lotion on my dry hands.

poking the favas into the soil

fava’s are big seed, and as a general rule the bigger the seed the deeper you need to plant.  these go about 2 inches deep.  i just use my finger as a depth gauge.  i planted these about 6 inches apart, using triangular spacing like the biointensive gardens do rather than using rows.  i think i could have planting them even closer, but are soil is not the highest quality stuff.  once these are planted we get give them a good watering to soak the seed coat and get those guys sprouting.  then the row cover and plastic get slapped back on and we wish them the best of luck.


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