maple tapping time

warmer days and cold nights means it’s time for maple tapping.  and warmer days means it’s a good time to go for a walk.  ma – because she is directionally challenged doesn’t like to go off the trail, but i have a personal preference for not being on a trail.  ma was kind enough to indulge me and we got to tramp around off the trails for about an hour, back at one of my favorite places to go for a walk close by – the environmental interpretive center in dearborn.  eventually we managed to find our way into the sugar maple grove.

the maple grove

getting up close to the metal pails you can see they have these cute little lids on them to keep stuff from falling in the pail

a pail on the side of a maple tree

in addition to the pails, there are also these much less classy looking plastic bags,  which looks like the maple tree is getting a i.v.

the bag of sap on the side of the tree

i prefer the classic looking pail, here is one that is almost full

the bucket full of sap

and a close up of that tap

sap dripping out of the tap

one of these days i’m going to actually be a part of the gathering of the sap and the boiling down.


One response to “maple tapping time

  1. I tapped my suburban maples and collected enough to boil down. I know I don’t go all the way down to syrup, but I do get a thick SWEET liquid. Getting more sap today too.

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