undercover lover

as in i am a lover of what’s under the cover of our quick hoops. back in the fall i took some photo’s of ma’s preparation for the winter garden .  she planted leeks, onions and spinach to over winter, the idea being that we would be able to harvest these early in the spring in the case of spinach, and early in the summer for onions and leeks.

the winter garden on a warm winter day

this is taken from about the same place as the photo that is is featured in the post that is linked to above.  in the foreground is garlic under straw, mid-ground is the quick hoops with onions/leeks the cold frame – that didn’t manage to overwinter lettuce, and the quick hoop in the back is the one that has the spinach.

poking my head under the quick hoops to see onions and leeks

the other day was somewhat sunny and warmer, and we decided to take a look to see just how everything is doing under the quick hoops.  most of these onions are about the size of a pencil, and look a little yellow in the tips, but i think they will recover just fine.  the leeks in the background are older and bigger.  they were started much earlier, and i’m wondering if they might go to seed as soon as it gets warmer rather than get any bigger.  no bother though- i think that variety is open pollinated so i can save the seed.

the spinach under the quick hoops

under the other quick hoop is spinach.  beets which you can see in the back on the left side didn’t fare well, but the spinach looks pretty good, these are about 4 inches across.  i think if we sowed them earlier we could be harvesting now, but i think when we get into early march and start getting a little more sun they should take off quick giving us some of our earliest greens for salads.  yummy

close up of a spinach plant

the day after this we had 8 inches of some of the wettest heaviest snow i have ever had the joy of shoveling.  it was enough to make the hoops mostly collapse, but i just shoveled the snow off and the hoops popped right back up.


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