lafayette building update

last year while the filming of the remake of red dawn was happening, i took some photos of the layette building demo.  i’ve taken more pictures as it comes down .  these first ones from about a month and a half ago.

lafayette building in early january

on nice afternoons rather than take the busy all the way home i often get off downtown and walk the two miles home.  this gets me a little activity, fresh air, and saves me the quarter i would have to spend on the bus.

the back of the lafayette building early january

the back of the lafayette building early january

if you look carefully you can see a cotton wood tree on the roof all the way to the right in this picture.

the lafayette at sunset

walking down michigan ave. yesterday i was struck by this scene, at first i really couldn’t wrap my head around what it was, but then realized it was the lafayette building with sunlight streaming though the windows.

another on

and another one

and finally one more from the backside

the cotton woods are gone, and at the rate the building is going to be down in a matter of weeks.  nothing but rubble, and likely a new parking lot where it stood before.


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