the black sapote

ma brought home the odd-looking black sapote a couple of weeks ago for me.  she knows i’m interested in wierd fruit and when she saw it sitting on the shelf she knew she had to get it for me.  thank you ma.  i can only assume that if the fruit is being carried in the health food store that it is being associate with some amazing health claims of riding the body of diabetes, cancer and arthritis.

i had actually heard of the black sapote because i had read about it in the book the fruit hunters.   by some it’s described as having the flavor of chocolate pudding, by others axel grease and turds.  i’ve not eaten axel grease or turds, but i feel pretty certain i wouldn’t like them.  chocolate pudding on the other hand i have eaten, and i don’t tend to be a big fan of.  it wasn’t looking good for the black sapote.

the black sapote

this guy looks a lot like a persimmon with leathery green skin.  as it ripens it gets a darker green.  i wanted to make sure that it was good and ripe, which is why i had waited so long to taste it.

the black sapote sliced open

it does indeed look like chocolate pudding when open.  the seeds take up a good part of the cavity, and after picking them out we were left with a bit of fruit to sample.  the thought of the taste of axel grease or turds had me a little worried, and after ma ate the first bit and didn’t spit it out i went for mine.

it didn’t taste like axel grease, or turds – at least it didn’t taste like what i would imagine turds and axel grease to taste like, but it didn’t taste like chocolate pudding either.  it did have the texture of chocolate pudding, but taste wise – well it didn’t really taste like anything, it pretty much lacked flavor all together.  i didn’t even bother to finish mine, not cause it tasted so bad but because it was so mediocre.  sorry black sapote, i don’t think we will be hanging out again anytime soon.


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