best of

today marks the 1 year anniversary of this blog, when i posted the first post.  and while i wouldn’t recommend going back and reading that first post, i did spend a little time and reviewed some of my favorite posts or events of the last year.

for those coming in late, or wondering what i took the most joy in…

among the better articles i’ve been interview for and the one that paints me as a jackass and yet somehow wise all at once was linked to in this post.  be warned the article is long – if you only want to see my quotes scroll to the end.

my post about my work on the edible detroit map which i’m mainly bring to your attention to get more folks to help out with it

my attempts to get folks to think that riding the bus was cool and fun, i’m finding myself questioning my own wisdom as lately i deal with late buses, those that simply pass me by, and ones that fail to pull over due to faulty signal cords and drop me off several blocks past my stop.

this well produced al jazeera film – the financial times and al jazeera in one year – mama must be so proud

the first morels i’ve ever found before.  and oh boy were they good.  looking forward to more this year.

my documenting the lives of backyard poultry

the u.p. trip part 1 and part 2

the guest blogs i was asked to do for metromode

the short film made over the summer by sara cross detroit: green

the series of posts from the eastern shore but especially ones about assateague, the westside, and walking in the snow.

the new program we are unrolling at work this year

and finally the high lite of the year is the picture ma made for me linked to in this post

thanks for all the kind words and encouragement.


One response to “best of

  1. hooray for a year! such great writings! such inspiration! hooray, hooray!

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