old skool garden

so i’ve had a new computer for i think 3 years now, which means it’s not new anymore, but considering that the last one i got was in 1998, it’s gonna be a long time before i think of it as old.  you can do a file transfer of all your stuff from one computer to the other when you first set it up, but i knew i had a bunch of junk that i wanted to get rid of before i transferred anything over so i didn’t bother.  i had one of those thumb drives that i was using to transfer over – but it only held 128 mb on it.  at the time of acquiring this thumb drive 128 mb seemed like a tremendous amount of memory to have on such a little thing.  trying to transfer all the files in 128 mb chunks proved to be a chore and i soon gave up in frustration.

over the holidays ma’s mom was kind enough to give me a new thumb drive that holds a gig worth of stuff.  a gig –  just sit back and ponder how much memory that is.  i remember having a computer with a 512 mb hard drive and thinking that there is no way they could every make a bigger hard drive.  there is no way i will ever be able to fill that thing up.

moving the files over from the old computer has revealed some gems – including these from about 12 years ago.

the east side of the garden

the west side of the garden

the garden that started me down this journey, the garden that made me want to quit my job the go work on a farm.  and man is it unimpressive.  well actually the little borders made of boards from pallets and the pins holding them in place made of bamboo are pretty impressive.  but nothing else looking to impressive.  many things were learned in this garden playing on my own.  my first battles with squash vine borer, my first battles with woodchucks, my first expose to quackgrass, my first exposure to fusarium wilt.  it’s a wonder i kept going.  i think i was a little over excited to use photoshop to label everything in these photos – a bit busy.

in the background you can see the vacant lot next to the garden where the billboard company used to store supplies.  i would collect black walnuts from the yard, take out the five iron i found in a closet when we moved in and hit them as hard as i could into the vacant lot.  the goal was to try to hit the metal billboards which would make such  a delightful thud noise when the walnuts struck them.

one day i came home from work to discover that the billboard company had gotten its revenge, they had expanded their parking area into my garden, grading the little hill i used to hit walnuts off and covering in black top.  wasn’t the first garden i’d lost to building, and it wasn’t the last.

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