winter walk

i’m always on the look out for great place to get out in a little nature in the city and surrounding region.  resent post include one of my favorites, the belle isle nature trail for some skiing . another slightly farther but a bit bigger and a little quieter spot is the environmental interpretive center on the campus of the university of michigan dearborn.  all together if you took every trail you might be able to get in a 5 mile walk.  most of the time i just go for a quick walk out in the trees, around the pond and back.  there are some great stands of sugar maples and beech.  large portions of the woodlands were heavily populated with ash, many of which came down last fall and this winter.  it will be interesting to see how the woodlands change in the coming decades as the dieing ash make room for others.

we have had some amazingly sunny january days, so far this winter would rank as being among the mildest i can recall in any amount of time.  this past sunday ma and i in an attempt to get both exercise and vitamin d, thought a walk at the interpretive center seemed like a good idea.

the property is on land formally part of the henry food estate, and you can add to you walk by exploring the grounds of the mansion.

waterfall on the ford estate

walking along the rouge river, in front of the henry ford mansion you come across this waterfall, about the only waterfall you are going to find in southeast michigan.  it is of course not a waterfall at all, but just a nice cover for the dam for the mansion’s hydroelectric plant.  that’s right ford was living off the grid.  hippie!  ma and i take fake school portraits in front of the waterfall.  something we do in front of almost every waterfall we come to.

walking back from the river, a huge clearing opens up highlighting a view of the pond in the back ground

view looking from the ford mansion toward the pond

i had this plan to start a snow ball at one end and roll it all the way down to the pond and then onto the middle of the frozen pond, but the snow was much too dry to pack.  we walked back around the pond and finished back at the interpretive center.


3 responses to “winter walk

  1. This post makes me wish I was back up North, living the Southern dream here in NC Charlotte.

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